Shore Community Church is seeking a Worship Pastor to oversee our music ministry and be involved in shaping our Sunday gatherings. This role is integral to helping our weekly services be times in which people engage fully with God, experience his transforming power in their lives, grow in relational community together, and be equipped for mission in the world.

Key Responsibilities:

·         Oversee Shore’s worship ministry for Sunday morning services, providing the leadership and direction needed for gathered worship to flourish and thrive at Shore.

·         Worship lead in Sunday services on a regular basis.

·         Mentor Shore’s volunteer worship leaders toward developing in their roles, and develop new worship leaders for Sunday services.

·         Provide input in planning for Sunday services, helping to shape the content and ensure the quality and consistency of these gatherings.

·         Oversee the implementation of Sunday services, ensuring all the elements come together in a well-organised and purposeful way.

·         Provide staff oversight of Shore’s sound tech  and a/v teams, giving support and guidance as required.

·         Oversee bringing new people into the worship team, ensuring that the support is in place to mentor new people into the ministry.

·         Cultivate a positive, relational, Christ-centred culture in the worship team that helps people enjoy being part of this ministry.

·         Ensure appropriate systems are in place to enable the smooth running of worship ministry.

About Shore Community Church

Shore Community Church is an independent evangelical church in Albany, Auckland. Our threefold purpose is: loving God, loving each other and loving the world. These simple values shape us as a worshipping community that is committed to growing in spiritual maturity, caring for one another practically and participating in God’s mission of bringing his hope and renewal to our local communities and broader world. The church comprises a diverse array of people from a range of denominational and cultural backgrounds. Our ethos is relaxed, real and relational.